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Last-Minute SUPER BOWL Party Ideas

Hosting a Super Bowl party in a few hours? Don't fret! This morning I shared some tips on CBS Chicago's morning show for a Last-Minute Super Bowl Party.



You don't have to serve "bar food" if you don't want to. Take inspiration from the cuisines of New Orleans (Gumbo), Maryland (Crab Cakes) or San Francisco (sourdough bread, California wine). The choices are limitless, which is good when you're in a time crunch.



For a nod to Nawlins, serve Hurricanes. But for something more interesting, take inspiration from San Francisco's trendy bar scene and serve a Fernet Branca & Ginger Lime. Don't worry, Fernet Branca is very readily available at liquor stores like Binnys.

Fernet Branca & Ginger Lime
Into a pint glass, pour
1.5 oz Fernet Branca
1 oz Ginger-Lime Syrup*
Fill a glass with ice
Fill with club soda*
Stir gently and serve

*Can substitute with ginger beer and squirt of lime



If you're not into the game, I highly recommend a rousing game of Commercial Bingo. May the best advertising agency win!



For this party, the decor is last and least! The game is the main event, so there really is no need to stress about decorating your space. But if you really want to, use what you already have. Just remember it doesn’t need to be Pinterest-worthy.
• Since the game is in New Orleans, you can use Mardi Gras decorations
• Turn tissue paper into football-shaped tissue poms
• A green cloth can be turned into a football field. Create stripes with white tape, chalk, paint, etc.
• Even real footballs can be used as decor (just wipe them off first!)


Super Bowl "Just the Commercials" Party (with free printables)

So...who else zones out during the Super Bowl game itself, but then perks up for the commercials? Well, me too! For those of us who don't thrill to every touchdown, I've created a Super Bowl Commercials Party, inspired by ads from the 1950s and 60s. Enjoy!



The extra space on the side is for your party info. Download, add your text, and save in any image editing program, or write the start time and party location by hand, if you're going to print and deliver. Print on cardstock. If you have the capability, these are sized so that two can print on one landscape oriented page.






I don't think this party needs a ton of decor, but a few cheeky pieces on the TV (as in the photo above) gives you something to look at during the game... ;)

Download "A word from our Sponsor"

Download Color TV



Bingo game

Don't just watch the commercials...turn it into a game! The first person to get a full row (or four corners, or diagonal, or however you like to play) wins! 

Download filled out bingo sheet

Download blank bingo sheet


A full list of suggested bingo squares:
A-list celeb, Animals doing tricks, Animated, At-home scenario, B-list celeb, Bar scenario, BBQ grill, Beach scenario, Beer, Burger, Car, Car commercial aimed at women, Catchy song, Cleavage, Commercial that tried to be funny but failed, Computers, Confusing commercial, Country music, Credit card, Fast food restaurant, Former athlete, Mobile phone, Mobile phone provider, Office scenario, Party scenario, Pizza, Pop singer, Post superbowl TV show, Rap star, Reference to Facebook or Twitter, “See more online”, Slo-mo, Snack food, Soft drink, Sports drink, Things talking that shouldn’t be able to, TV show plug, Upcoming movie, Video game, Web site



This is really up to your crowd. You can do it one of two ways...

Traditional Bar Food: e.g. wings and quesadillas washed down with beer
Girly: e.g. sushi, cucumber cocktails, and fancy cupcakes

Which do you think your friends would prefer? You really can't go wrong either way, in my opinion!


Regional Menus for your 2010 Super Bowl party

Several years ago, someone asked me how many football games I'd ever been to. After doing a rough estimate of my years on the sideline in various capacities I said, "Uh...a lot? At least a hundred?" Despite all those clock hours I still have very little idea what's going on during a football game. I do know that when our guy goes across the end zone with the ball, that's good. Beyond that, it seems that my brain just refuses to make room for any information involving downs and passes and runs. (Those are football terms, right? Did I say the right thing?)

This is why, when it's sports time, I'm more focused on the food and camaraderie. And whenever possible, I love doing a regional tie-in with the event in question.

So what can you do for the Super Bowl?

Miami Cuban, in honor of the location (see my tips from the Orange Bowl)

Creole/Cajun, for the New Orleans Saints (see my Sugar Bowl ideas or this great menu from Epicurious...white chocolate pudding?  Yes, please!)

Midwestern Comfort, for the Indianapolis Colts (Epicurious has a delicious menu for this theme, too)

What are YOU serving for the Super Bowl?


Guest Blogger: Football Party Tips

Let’s Entertain and HostessJo are two sites owned by entertaining expert Joanna Keel.  We’re happy to share her southern hospitality as today's guest blogger on Second City Soiree!


Here in the South football is BIG.  Most of my entertaining will be done around watching “the game” for the next 3 months.  I won’t lie, I actually love it myself. 

There is more to think about when hosting a home viewing party than you might think.  You might have die hard fans or non fans or both to watch the games.  

In honor of our first kick-off tomorrow here are some tips from my experiences with these different types of guests. 

Die Hard Fans 

Try to keep these fans right where they want to be-in front of the tv.  Provide coolers or plastic tubs in the viewing room to prevent walking back and forth to get another beer and Heaven forbid, blocking the TV.

I always put away my breakables in this area.  Sounds crazy but definitely worth it with these fans.

Try to keep food mess to a minimum by providing bowls of dry foods-chips, popcorn, etc. in large bowls for passing.   If it falls, no biggie.  Individual sized items are great for these guests too.  

Here is an excellent recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip that tastes just like hot wings without the mess.


2 10 oz. cans of chunk chicken drained
2 8 oz. packages of cream cheese softened
1 small bottle of Ranch dressing
1/2 to 3/4 cup of pepper sauce such as Frank's Red Hot
1 1/2 cups grated cheddar cheese

Mix chicken, cream cheese, Ranch dressing, about 1/2 cup of shredded cheese and hot sauce together. Spread in a 8 X 8 casserole dish. Top with the remaining shredded cheese. Bake uncovered at 400 degrees, for 15-20 minutes. Serve with Fritos and celery sticks.  

Non fans 

The fall in Alabama has mild temps that make it perfect for outdoor entertaining.  This is where I entertain non fans.  My girlfriends and I go back and forth from the deck to the game viewing room. 

An outdoor area or sun room is a good setting for non fans.  Set out new magazines to read and discuss, or play a card game.  

The kitchen/dining area is also a great place for non fans.  Get these guests involved in preparing or setting up the food and drinks.  Do a recipe swap or plan the next party. 

It is important though, that the talking of non fans does not interfere with the die hard fans.  That would not be pretty.



Football themed décor is a must.  You can keep it neutral but still festive. Shakers and footballs are a few ideas.   It is fun to serve your food in football dishes like the one below.  It makes everyone more excited and is a great conversation starter. 

For the non fan area you can decorate more for the season instead of the sport.  Fall blooming flowers like mums and pansies add interest and color.  Autumn tablecloths and throw pillows round out the look. 

Food and Drink 

There are so many options for food at football parties.  In the cooler months I like to make a big pot of chili or soup.  It feeds a large crowd and doesn’t leave a big mess to clean up.  Set out toppings and crackers for your guests to choose from.

Buffet style serving works great too.  You could do a sandwich station or hot dog station. 

Don’t forget to have plenty of beer and cold drinks.  I always buy more than I think we’ll need so we don’t run out. 

For the non fans who might not like beer, you could serve a pitcher of sangria or margaritas.  YUM.

Don’t forget the kiddos.  Here is a cute recipe from Jello for football jigglers.

Prep: 10 minutes
Total: 2 hours 10 minutes (including refrigerating)
Servings: 10, 1 JIGGLER each
2 cups boiling water (Do not add cold water.)
3 packages (4-serving size each) JELL-O Brand Gelatin, any flavor
1. STIR boiling water into dry gelatin mix in large bowl at least 3 minutes until completely dissolved. Pour into lightly sprayed football molds.
2. REFRIGERATE at least 2 hours or until firm. Gently remove jigglers by inverting mold. Store in tightly covered container in refrigerator. 

Do you have any tips for entertaining different crowds during football season? 

I hope my tips will help you when planning your next football party.  Enjoy tomorrow, and finally-WAR EAGLE! 


(photo credits-dip, non fans, football platter, jigglers)


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