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Six Seder Plates to Suit Your Style

I'm a big believer in surrounding yourself with objects that reflect your personal style, and that goes for holiday items, too. With Passover coming up, it's a good time to look at your Seder plate. Is it an heirloom that, while treasured, isn't really you? Or maybe you bought it as a young newlywed before you even knew your personal style?

If it's time for a fresh plate that reflects who you are, check out my article on Make It Better magazine's web site - Six Seder Plates to Suit Your Style. Whether you love the Mad Men era or thrill to modern technology, I've got a plate for you!


Six Delicious Passover Desserts

Want to try something new for next week's Seder?  Here are six of my favorite finds...

At the top, the completely amazing Almond-Macaroon Torte with Chocolate Frosting and Orange Compote.  Wow.  Just typing that out makes me want it even more.  On the right is haroset, one of my favorite Passover items, but in dessert form - Haroset Cake.

The Strawberry and Champagne Terrine looks so refreshing and would pair well with a heavier chocolate dessert, like Brownies with Chocolate-Wine Ganache (scroll about halfway down the link for the recipe)

If you want chocolate but prefer something lighter, try Chocolate Pudding.  Lastly, Walnut Dacquoises with Honey-Walnut Ice Cream make for a sophisticated end to your seder.

Do you stick to the tried-and-true for the holidays, or do you like to mix in some new dishes?


What to do with all that matzo

Passover begins tonight!  For some, that means a house that has been thoroughly cleaned in accordance with tradition (plus the very modern desire to "spring clean"), an interactive dinner that lasts for hours ("Is it time to eat yet?"), and matzo.  Lots and lots of matzo.  There are lots of suggestions out there for what to do with all that matzo, which, let's face it, can get a bit boring.  Here are a few recipes that look so good, they almost make me want to buy some extra boxes.

First, from a charming little blog called Matzo Outside the Box, we have Brie en Matzo Croûte.

Another inventive brie (not the cheese, but the method of preparing matzo) comes from Jayne Cohen's recent book, Jewish Holiday Cooking.  Her Savory Artichoke Matzoh Brie (pg 479) would be a lovely brunch offering.

From The Kitchn by Apartment Therapy comes a twist on the well-known matzo toffee.  This is Matzo Crack:


from The Kitchn




...and finish with this Kosher Champagne Cocktail from Gourmet!


Stylish Seder Plates

We celebrate multiple holidays here at the House of SCS, and while that sometimes means extra work, usually it results in extra enjoyment.  Like the upcoming Easter/Passover period.  I honestly don't remember where we got our Seder plate, but I do seem to recall that it was one of those last minute "OMGwerememberedeverythingbutthesederplatehurrygobuyone!!" moments.  It's fine.  It serves its purpose, but it won't be winning any design awards, um...ever.  These offerings from the Jewish Museum shop, however, make me think it's time for an upgrade.  They have many, many types in their inventory, and it's easy to find one that fits your style.


Contemporary: Scroll Plate by Liz Ross



Floral: Garden Plate



Artistic: Seven Species Wood Plate



Natural: Teak Plate

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