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Modern Hanukkah: Purple and Silver table decor

Celebrating the Festival of Lights?  Dress your Hanukkah table in clean lines of purples and silvers....so modern, so chic!

On this table, a rich purple tablecloth is covered by a beaded purple runner (both from the fabric store). Add pale purple napkins to complete the monochromatic trio.  Silver splashes in with a pearlescent placemat accented with a cascading silver ribbon (ok, technically you're not supposed to use placemats and tablecloths at the same time, but I feel like breaking the rules).

Kids can make Stars of David out of pipe cleaners...or you can make a few elaborate models, such as the 3-D star shown below.  Make three top triangles, attach together, and loop the three bottom triangles to their top triangles. Easier than it sounds.


If you're going to spend calories on chocolate, it should be good chocolate.  Skip the waxy gelt coins and instead, play dreidel for these pretty silver filigree pieces, found at the jewelry aisle in the craft store.  The dreidel is made with purple and silver glitter Fimo clay.  Here's how to make a dreidel out of clay, just like the song says.



How to make the placemats:

Place two pieces of 8.5x11 scrapbook paper together on the reverse side.  Tape a little bit of the ribbon to the top of the reverse side of the paper, as shown. I recommend using wired ribbon so you get a clean bend.

Happy Hanukkah! Need food and bev suggestions? Check out these ideas for a hip Hanukkah menu.


Have a Hip Hanukkah

Hanukkah is just around the corner, and with it comes the delectable traditional menu of brisket, salmon, latke, and fried doughnuts!  All delicious, and few guests would wrinkle their noses at a well-prepared menu featuring those items (and if they do...perhaps next year's invitation will get lost in the mail?) but maybe you'd like to inject some modern style into the classic offerings.  Here are a few suggestions:

Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Mindi Shapiro Levine Latke bar
Serve mini potato pancakes with a variety of toppings including creme fraiche, caviar, sauteed cinnamon apples, mango chutney, salmon ceviche...the sky's the limit!  Check out more ideas at Celebrations.com.

Chic Brisket
Prepare your brisket as usual (I love the slow-cooker method) and serve on small chiabatta or brioche rolls with carmelized onions.  Add blue cheese, if you mix meat and dairy.

Mindi's Doughnuts (pictured left)
Hanukkah is the festival of lights, so you can't skimp out on eating something fried!  This recipe for Mindi's Doughnuts and Easy Raspberry Sauce is a fresh take on the fried pastry we all know and love.

Golden Cocktail
With a nod to the gelt you hope to win during a rousing game of dreidel (maybe even the No Limit Texas version), serve champagne, prosecco, or a Goldschlagger cocktail.

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