I organized my pantry, and it changed my life
Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 11:09AM
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This is the story of how a set of cabinet drawers can change your life.

Ok, that's dramatic. But after my book/wine club read/didn't read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, we were on a roll to "add joy" to our lives by organizing our homes. In addition to getting my linen closet and dresser drawers into ship-shape, I partnered with ShelfGenie to tackle my pantry and dreaded tuperware shelf. You can see the chaos in my previous post. I had been trying for years to get by with baskets and such, but investing in a permanent solution is worth it in the long run for preserving your sanity.


Let's break it down shelf by shelf:

#1 - Things I don't use too often. I'm going to move the protein powders to a lower shelf, and put bulk items in their place.

#2 - Things we shouldn't eat, and are thus placed on a difficult-to-reach shelf. This level is pretty much 100% sugar.

#3 - Grains and snacks. Since this is at eye-level, it's the first shelf with a ShelfGenie drawer.

#4 - The hot-spot, i.e. items that are accessed multiple times per day. Here I've got my coffee, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

#5 - Cooking and baking ingredients. This is for vinegars, baking powder, specialty oils, etc.

#6 - Teas and canned goods

#7 - Potatoes, onions, and cookies. Ok, the cookies should probably go on the second shelf.




Want to take a closer look?

For the above shelf, we chose a slanted edge so that taller items could stay secure in the back, but items in front could be easily seen at eye level. For the shelf below, however, it made more sense to go with higher sides all around.

ShelfGenie drawers are made of 9-ply eco-friendly Baltic birch, melamine bottoms for easy maintenance, heavy duty steel rails, and pro grade hardware. They'll hold up to 100 pounds, but someone smack me if I ever hoard 100 pounds of tea.

We added a moveable divider for the lowest shelf. And yes, I see that my cookie-to-real-food ratio is questionable. It's Girl Scout cookie time, and I have my priorities.


Let's look at the tupperware situation. I have never, ever been able to come up with a good system for keeping this stress-free. 

DO YOU SEE HOW MARVELOUS THIS IS? People, for two months now, I have been able to locate a container and its matching lid in under 15 seconds. Again, we used a moveable shelf, this time running horizontal instead of vertical.

Excuse me while I fangirl over ShelfGenie's customer service: These glide-out shelves were personalized down to the millimeter. After the initial visit to design the space, an installer came out to take super-precise measurements, and then he came out again to do the installation. I was not looking forward to removing everything from the pantry, but the installer did that! He would have put everything back, but I wanted to choose the new locations #controlfreak

So that's the story of how I organized my pantry by finally investing in a system that works. ShelfGenie can also tackle tricky dead spaces like blind corner cabinets and cabinets housing sinks and drain pipes. Make this your spring cleaning goal! Call ShelfGenie and change your life. #dramaticbuttrue


This is a sponsored post, but as with all partnerships, my feedback is genuine.



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