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{style} Make your SWIMSUIT last LONGER


This season's swimsuits are super cute (I love that Robin Piccone mesh suit), but don't mistake your bikini or bandeau for any piece of casual wear — bathing suits require special TLC! There's something about the summer that makes me a little lazy about following a clothing manufacturer's instructions, but this year, I vow to follow these tips:


First, a Vinegar Soak

Before wear your new suit for the very first time, do a vinegar soak. Mix one tablespoon vinegar to one quart of water and soak for 30 minutes. The vinegar will set the color and prevent off fading due to sunlight and chlorine.


Rinse Before and After Your Dip

Before you dive into the pool/lake/ocean, do a cool water rinse to keep fabric from absorbing excess chlorine or salt. Post-dip, rinse again in cool water (always cool — hot water can weaken the fabric) to get rid any lingering nastiness.


Don't Ball it up in your Beach Bag!

I know, it's the end of the day and you're sunburned, tired, and feeling that third margarita. But DON'T leave your damp suit in your bag! That enviornment is a breeding ground for mildew and mold. If you can't wash it right away, lay it flat until you're ready to head home. When you're ready to wash...


Hand Washing is Best

Ok, so you splurged for a quality swimsuit, now protect its fibers from breaking down too quickly. The heat and agitation from washing machines and dryers will harm your suit, so a gentle hand wash is best. And what to wash it with?...


Choose an Eco-friendly Soap

I will admit — I'm more of the "lounge about the deck/beach" type as opposed to the "swimming laps" sort. Still, just as chlorine and salt can negatively affect your suit's fabric, so can body oils and sunscreen. So even if you're a deck bunny like me, take care to follow all the steps above, finishing with a wash in a vegetable-based dish liquid or a castile soap. Synthetic fragrances and petroleum-based chemicals can attach to the fabric, which can in turn irritate the skin.


More Adorable Suits!

I'm definitely a one-piece fan, preferably with a big floppy hat and earrings (as I said, so not the swimming laps sort). And if anyone knows of some good maternity suits, let me know!

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