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Using a Hostess Journal to record parties

Good ideas get passed on.  Recently, I was reading the wholy entertaining blog Southern Plate (yes, very different from Second City Soiree in both latitude and attitude, but enjoyable nonetheless) and found this entry about hostess journals.

These are not a new concept, but Christy of Southern Plate was reminded by a friend, and now I'm passing it on to you.  Simply put, hostess (or "host") journals are a way to record the details of a gathering.  What was served, the decorations, who attended, what you wore...all the important info!  

But I'm too busyyyyyyy! you cry.  Yes, you are.  And yet, you've carved out time to invite people into your home.  Remember your efforts by setting aside fifteen minutes to fill out a hostess journal.  I'm going to start doing it this year.

Now of course, you could jot your plans in a 50¢ spiral notebook or even an Excel spreadsheet, but is that special?  Spend a few more dollars and buy an attractive journal and a heavy pen (you remember how to write, don't you?).  Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Colorful and pretty!
Urban Journals, $10.00 at Kate's Paperie


Anne Taintor tells you what those housewives are really thinking. 
Medicated and Motivated Journal, $10.95 at Barnes & Noble


The ultimate planner (also comes in pink, if mock croc isn't your style)
Dinner Party Book, $99.00 by Aspinal of London


There are limitless options available!  I know some of you are mad for paper...what's your favorite journal?

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Reader Comments (1)

Hi Jen,
You've motivated me to return to my old ways! I used to keep a hostess journal and somewhere along the way, came to neglect it. A journal can be very helpful in relocating great recipes ("Now, what issue of "Bon Appetit" was that in?"...), and not having to completely reinvent menus and table setting ideas. It also makes for a wonderful way to relive special times with special people. Thanks for the nudge!

February 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDot

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