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First Time Hostess: Getting YOU ready for your party

Q: When hosting a party, it's perfectly acceptable to answer the door sporting...
a) Ratty jeans, even though it's a cocktail party
b) Wet hair
c) A snarling, stressed-out attitude

A: None of the above!  In all your preparations, make sure to take time to get yourself ready! How to make sure you sparkle just like your glassware? Follow this guide:

One week before:

Decide what you're going to wear
Get a hair cut and color, if it's time for that

Day before:
Get a manicure, or at the very least, make sure your nails are free from chipped polish.  That includes toes, if you plan to wear open-toed shoes!

Day of:
Do any dirty work early in the day. 
Take a shower several hours before start time.  If you wash your hair, make sure it's thoroughly dried. 
An hour before the event, STOP what you are doing and fix your hair and makeup.  Push that back to an hour and a half if your routine is a lengthy process.

You should be dressed and ready no less than a half-hour before the event starts.  When a guest enters your place they should see:
You, looking hot and radiating charm
Your place, clean and with the proper lighting (dim lights and candles always means "party!")
Music playing

It's ok if:
You are putting finishing touches on food and drinks, as long as you maintain an air of calm

It's not ok if:
The place isn't clean
YOU aren't clean
You're stressed out, and showing it
You're in a tiff with your co-host/ess (suck it up, buttercup)

Parties are light, fun occasions and as the hostess, you set the tone.  Think about how you want your guests to feel, and act accordingly!

This post originally appeared on GalsGuide.com

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Reader Comments (1)

Nice quip. Although I'm probably guilty of all 3 at some point in my younger years...

December 1, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCait

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