Charlene Liang
Weddings [see all posts]

In high school, Charlene was that girl who secretly read wedding magazines in the corner of the library. Fortunately, it worked to her advantage.

As the owner and lead planner of Sweetchic Events, a boutique wedding and event planning company in Chicago, Charlene knows that a wedding isn’t about her vision... it’s about what the couple envisions. She brings their dream to life with finesse and passion, carefully balancing logistical details with creativity and warmth. Charlene started Sweetchic Events in 2008 to fulfill her long time love-affair with weddings.

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Christina Wong
Simple + Seasonal Cooking [see all posts]

For Christina, cooking is more than just a hobby-- it's a passion. Although public policy and advocacy claim her professional life, Christina's curiosity and love for adventure has resulted in her obsessively following cooking shows, magazines, blogs, and conducting her own experiments in the kitchen. Committed to cooking with seasonal and locally sourced food, Christina will help you entertain with food ideas that are fresh, flavorful, impressive, yet simple to put into action. When she isn't knitting, or watching bad television, Christina devises ways to use produce from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares and from home gardens on her blog, Unchained Kitchen.

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Christine Sisson
Interiors Decorating & Design [see all posts]

Keenly attuned to home design trends, Christine Sisson has parlayed her passion for interior design into roles ranging from home decor tradeshow reporter to PR guru for a Prague-based designer. When not working at an architecture/interior design firm, she blogs at wordsonstyle, scouts and sells vintage jewelry at Market Publique and brainstorms ideas for great parties. Sparkly things, champagne coupes and candlelight (never enough!) are her decorating musts.

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Heather Prince
Gardening [see all posts]

A professional horticulturist and garden writer, Heather Prince would rather be out in the garden. She was the kid with bug jar climbing trees and braiding clover chains. After many years in marketing and communications, Heather puts people and plants together at one of the preeminent local garden centers in the Chicago suburbs. She blogs at Fearless Gardening, as well as consults on home landscaping projects. Heather firmly believes that anyone can garden anywhere.

Read her blog and follow her on Twitter @FearlessGarden


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